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​Duffy Brown

If your book club or friends choose Braking for Bodies as the group read, here are some discussion questions to go along with the book and make it a bit more fun...

1. Which characters did you think committed the crime? Did you guess the culprit before the end?

2. What were the red herrings that made it difficult to figure out the solution to the crime? Was there someone you thought for sure did the deed?

3. Duffy tells the story from Evie Summerside's point of view. Does this work for you? What do you think of Evie? Is she believable? Did you feel that Evie talking about the case with other characters helped you keep thing straight?

4. Besides Evie  who stood out in the story? Did you have a favorite character? One you didn't care for?

5. Did you feel like Duffy did a good job of drawing the reader into the setting of Mackinac Island?

6. How did the location influences the characters?

7. Does the ending make you want to read more books with the same characters?

8. Did you like the relationship between Evie and her mom?

9.  Have you ever known anyone like Evie? Someone who started over and it was a good move? 

10. How do you feel about the wedding? Do you like the romance between Evie and Nate?  

11. Does Irish Donna sound real as a person from Ireland?   

12, How do you feel about the cats? They are not all sweet and loving but judgemental and a total pain. 

13. Have you ever gone to the mat for a friend to try and save her? Did it seem real that Evie would? 

14. Did you want to visit Mackinac Island after you read the story?