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Hi Cozy Mystery Reader 

I’m inviting you to be a member of the Duffy Brown Street Team to spread the word about my books. 

Joining is easy, just send an email to DuffyBrown@DuffyBrown.com with your address (the mail Duffy button is on the home page) 

The best sell is always personal recommendation. To get on the team you do whatever you feel comfortable doing. As much or as little.

As a member of my street team you’ll earn my gratitude and maybe a few other prizes like a thank you packet, tote and drawing for other prizes along the way. 

 In-Person Team Spirit: I’ll mail you promo material for this

* Share promo materials with friends & family 

* Buy my books the first week of release, which helps it get on lists  

* Ask your local library to order my books. 

* Take promo materials to your bookstores, reader group, knitting group, fellow workers, church group etc

Online Team Spirit:

*Please share your honest review at Amazon and B&N

* Mention my books in blogs, chats etc

Remember, do whatever you feel comfortable with. 

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking this on.