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Two Dames on a  Mystery Train

The annual Mystery Train Event

And we’re off... October 13-14

It’s Two Dames on  A Mystery Train 2018 except this time it’s a boat! 

Tonya Kappes and I invite you for a weekend of murder and mystery for only $50

Join us October 12-13 in Knoxville, Tennessee. The weekend will kick off with a fun pizza party and mystery right at the hotel. The next morning, we'll enjoy a coffee and breakfast at the complimentary hotel bar before we are off to the Star of Knoxville Riverboat. 

Boarding the riverboat at 12:30 PM EST and cruise at 1:00 PM EST. On the cruise, you'll be served an amazing southern style dinner (or as nonsoutherners call it lunch), while participating in a murder mystery theater event where you might be the killer or worse...the victim!

Also while on the cruise, you'll be able to purchase books by Tonya and Duffy. 

REGISTRATION OPENS JANUARY 1ST, 2018!! $50/person + hotel.


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