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I write cozy mysteries. These are murder mysteries without the blood, guts and gore that concentrate on the fun side of murder. How can murder be fun you ask…well, I  just kill off the people everyone wants dead. Then we sit back and figure out who did the old boy…or girl…in.


...an insanely humorous world. Readers are sure to be immersed in this outrageously entertaining and hilarious mystery. 
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Brown’s latest Consignment Shop Mystery is a rip-roaring, hijinks-filled cozy mystery. 

The Poison Martini

Brown's "Consignment Shop" series is now my favorite go-to cozy mystery series - especially at times when I'm craving a taste of the quirky Savannah South! 

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The 16th of every month one of my characters comes to life and tells what’s going on in Savanna or on Mackinac Island

-Geared for the Grave

-Braking for Bodies 2015

-Tandem Demise 2016

 Mackinac Island

where biking takes a deadly turn

December  2014

First Book in the series...​

April 2015

​Book 5

February 2015

​Book 4  A novella (2.99) online read avaliable at all ereader locations with a free download app for your computer, tablet or phone

When Reagan Summerside turned the first floor of her old Victorian home into a consignment shop, she never imagined she’d be harboring a fugitive in her attic. But after a dead man is found in a bathtub and local lawyer Walker Boone is accused of doing the dirty deed. Like it or not she suddenly has a new houseguest.

It’s springtime in Savannah, the azaleas are in bloom—and Walker Boone is on the run… 

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