murder mystery party at my house

Spooky my buddy!

 tooling around Savannah 

in Walker Boone’s ’57 Chevy


Best part of writing is meeting the readers... 

Everyone needs a seven foot Sherlock bear 

The 411 on Duffy

Mysteries are my life! They are all that I read, watch on TV and at the movies. I think this all started when reading Nancy Drew under the covers with a flashlight in hand. Nance is my hero. I have The Secret in the Old Clock, The Hidden Staircase, The Secret in the Old Attic on my desk right now.

When growing up it was truly a man’s world...except for Nancy. She solved the crimes, drove the neat car, went on adventures, was educated and clever and she did it all in a skirt! I figured if Nancy could do those things so could I! 

cutting down Christmas

tree with the family