A Consignment Shop Mystery


      Detective Aldeen Ross, my bridesmaid and Savannah police detective, slid handcuffs from the bodice of her bridesmaid dress and snapped them over KiKi’s wrist. I wasn’t sure which astounded me more, that my beloved auntie was under arrest at my wedding or that Aldeen had cuffs stuffed in her bra.”

    “You hold down the fort,” Boone said to me, dragging me out of the wedding-day-from-hell trance. “I’ll go with KiKi to the police station and see what I can do about bail.”

    Sirens sounded in the distance, and I blinked a few times, trying to get my brain working. “But...but you’re in a tux.”

    Boone grinned. “Not by choice.”

    “You’re gorgeous. If you go out in public someone’s going to take you home and eat you up with a spoon.”

     Boone’s grin widened. “There’s only one home I’m interested in. Take care of the guests. I suggest an abundance of alcohol and very tall glasses and, oh yeah.” Boone kissed me hard and added a wink. “Find a spoon.”